About Allince Builders

Allince Builders ltd. group engages in real estate business by providing their first concern to the “Allince Builders ltd.” project from 2012. Allince Builders ltd. group’s utmost priority is to provide a comfortable place to live for our customers. This organization is formed with the strength of our 7 honorable
directors, who worked hard to transform underdeveloped land into a place where people can reside. Allince Builders ltd. experienced tremendous growth in a span of less than 8 years. Currently, we have more than 500 active customers. Among them, there is a huge portion of non-residential Bangladeshi buyers. This creates an opportunity for cross cultural habitation. It will be helpful for both local and foreign residents to learn more about the cultural differences and create a balance amongst them. Recent development progression suggests, Allince Builders ltd. is near handing over our land to the customers. In the area, we will be one of the pioneers to handover the plots before proposed time. We already have come a long way in accomplishing our ultimate goal. We hope and pray by the grace of the Almighty we will be able to accommodate a dream home for our lovely community.

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